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We watch the news, scroll through social media feeds, confusion and desperation screams from our screens.  We ache for our broken friends, hurting families, struggling marriages, disconnected communities, for our cities. We worry for our future and for what tomorrow will bring; we are in distress.

Distress brings anxiety, and anxiety seeps into our bodies and minds and makes it hard for us to breathe. The walls seem to close in on us. We don’t seem to have anywhere to go or anyone to look to. Our souls, heavy with burden, can only take so much weight, and we cry out, Lord! help us! 

He answers. He brings us into a spacious place. Imagine standing in a grass field that goes on for miles. In that wide open space, you know that God is with you, that you don’t need to be afraid — even though you are afraid, even though you’re grieving and aching and angry. Even then. Close your eyes and feel His love, feel the tears stream down your face. God is standing in that grass field with you. Breathe, and in His presence, in your exhale, let His peace ground you.

How can we pray for you?

Here at Family Church one of our greatest privileges is turning to God together in prayer. Would you like us to for you or with you for a loved one? It would be a privilege to lift you up in prayer. Please send your prayer requests to